Jess Dodson
Based in Brisbane, Australia and with over 15 years experience in the management & architecture of identity & security system platforms, a passion for fixing things and a stubbornness to push people to get the basics RIGHT, Jess wears the title of SecOps Witch proudly!

Chances are if you've run into "girlgerms" online, you've spoken to Jess.

Having spoken at Ignite Australia in 2015, she was bitten by the public-speaking bug and has spoken again at both Ignite New Zealand and Ignite Australia for 2016 & 2017, as well as more local cons such as CrikeyCon and DDDBrisbane.

After taking a year of maternity leave, she made the jump to the corporate world. Jess is now a Customer Engineer with Microsoft, where she spends most of her days presenting to customers - just as if she was on stage at a con. In her downtime, Jess spends far too many hours playing video games & with Lego.

Back to Basics - why can't we get this stuff right?

Time and time again we see breaches occurring that happened because, with 20/20 hindsight, something incredibly simple was missed. So if it was simple, if it was basic, if it was common sense - why was it missed?

This talk will highlight some of the basic security settings and configurations that are often forgotten, ignored or are marked as "too difficult". Be prepared for a passionate talk, told from the perspective of someone who's been down in the trenches as a sysadmin and is now helping other organisations rise to the challenge of fixing the "old and busted".

Covering a wide range of topics including identity, server management, hybrid cloud and security systems, this talk will take us all Back to Basics.

The basics are your foundations - if you don't get them right, everything else will crumble.

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