Jon-Peter Haywood
JP is a Senior Security Consultant and Threat Intelligence Lead at Acumenis,
helping organisations identify security risks and implement controls and frameworks to improve their security posture.

JP’s experience includes working as an Information Security Manager of Australia's largest mutual bank. During his time as Information Security Manager, some of JP's achievements include setting up a new Information Security team, overseeing the establishment of the Bank’s SIEM and SOAR platforms and internal SOC as well as being a key player in the bank's CPS 234 compliance program.

JP has contributed to the InfoSec community in a number of ways including founding the SecTalks Toowoomba chapter and speaking at a number of conferences such as AusCERT, CrikeyCon and TuskCon.

Before you leave the nest - Preparing to SOAR

To make SOAR a success in any organisation there are some important steps to undertake before implementing any solution. JP will discuss how his team prepared and successfully implemented a SOAR platform and achieved demonstrable ROI within the first 6 months of operation.

This talk will detail the steps anyone embarking on a SOAR journey can take to get value out of investment in a platform as well as some of the lessons JP and his team learned along the way.

JP will also cover the processes his team have built around SOAR and how they integrate it into their day to day SOC operations, and how they are planning to get even more value from the platform in the future.

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