Roger Sels
Roger leads BlackBerry Solutions for EMEA and serves as a trusted advisor to client’s C-Suite with a focus on maximizing their cyber program value and impact.

He has more than 20 years of hands on deep technical and leadership experience in cyber security.

Before joining BlackBerry Cylance Roger was the founding Chief Information Security Officer at a fast-paced start-up where he acted as a trusted advisor and management consultant to executives in several Fortune-50 companies for several years, most recently with blue chip organizations including Deutsche Bank, AXA Technology Services, and ING.

Roger has been instrumental throughout his career in fostering culture change, and has formulated strategies and carried out large global security transformation programmes in over 72 countries on five continents, mostly in the fields of security operations, penetration testing, incident response.

Notable Achievements:

• Built an Infosec practice from the ground up at a hypergrowth start-up to protect data that if leaked could lead to national security concerns for multiple Middle Eastern nation states & country leadership.
• Recipient, “Middle East Security Awards - CISO100 – 2018” by CISO Council and Mescon in association with ISACA and ISC2.
• Acted as vCISO to achieve security transformation and security turnarounds in Fortune-50s during times of security leadership crisis.

Hack-for-Hire: Defending Against the Fake Empire

What do Indian oil tycoons, Middle Eastern government officials, and Qatari, Kashmiri and Sikh political groups all have in common? They are all targets of the behemoth threat actor known by the moniker BAHAMUT.

Defining BAHAMUT is especially difficult because the group is suspected of re-using other groups’ tools and imitating their tradecraft. BAHAMUT also heavily leverages publicly available tools that further obscure attribution.

BlackBerry has already identified more than a dozen BAHAMUT applications still active in both the Google Play™ Store and the App Store™. BlackBerry has found that BAHAMUT presides over a significant number of fake entities, from social media personae to websites to applications, some of which had no immediately discernible malicious purpose, but which generated original content and seemed to distort the readers’ perception of reality.

In this session, Roger Sels will delve into one of the most elusive, patient, and effective publicly known threat actors to review the lessons CIOs, CISOS and their teams can draw in order to safeguard their organizations more effectively.

Key takeaways for audience members:

1) Evolutions in the threat landscape by analysis of the TTP of a very sophisticated adversary, and how these should inform your security program priorities.
2) How to prevent, detect and respond to such attacks.
3) How to move from an assume-breach mindset and reduce the likelihood of an unknown adversary being present in your environment.

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