Walter Manyati
Walter Manyati is a Technical Account Manager at Qualys.

Walter has spent close to a decade in the cybersecurity domain in Australia, helping customers in Finance, Resource, Banking and IT Sectors keep their business secure. Previous to his 8 years with Qualys, Walter has also worked in the capacity of a cybersecurity consultant for a number of the Big 4 audit firms.

Modern Risk Management: Locating, Prioritizing, and Minimizing Risks to Your Business

More organizations are turning to an Integrated Risk Management path, which allows them to approach the scope of risk and audits in scalable, dynamic ways. Accomplishing tasks like security assessments, risk communications and compliance in real time has never been more important given the speed and complexity of advanced cyberattacks.

However, in order to achieve a modern approach to risk management, enterprise programs must integrate vital processes such as continuous optimization, automated risk-based prioritization and insights, and the automatic operationalization of security controls. Typically, these processes occur in silos, making the need for mature, unified risk management that much more important.

Join our conversation as we discuss the attributes of modern risk management programs, including better ways to strategically locate and prioritize risks, assess business risks, and mitigate current pain points for overwhelmed security teams.

The talking points:

· What are some of the challenges with Modern Risk Management?
· Why is quantifying risk such a complex problem to solve?
· What are some of the steps organizations can take address these challenges?

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