Ricky Calder
[emt Distribution Pty Ltd]
Ricky Calder is a Cyber Security Architect at emt Distribution Pty Ltd.

Before Immigrating to Perth, Australia in 2008 I developed a strong all-round skill set in the Microsoft Technology space through various roles in varied Industries from Finance to software development.

My main areas of expertise being MS Exchange and Active Directory, branching out to MS cloud services such as Azure and O365 and Identity Management. Last 5 years have been focused primarily in the governance and Security space.

Active Directory Defense: Lessons Learned

Active Directory is the keys to the kingdom.

AD access is often a gateway to a lot of your organization’s information and often provides unlimited access to an organisations sensitive data and assets.

Through this foot-in-the-door approach threat actors don’t even need to gain Admin privileges to remain undetected and start causing significant harm. Moreover if cyber threat actor realises that a breach has been detected they can collapse the entire AD leaving the organisation at a standstill.

In this informative and educational presentation, Ricky Calder and Scott Hagenus shares stories and tactics from the field. Hear about real life Active Directory Breaches and how there were detected and recovered, tactics real world organisations have implemented to monitor and protect AD.

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