Ashwin Ram
[Check Point Software Technologies]
As a Cyber Security Evangelist at Check Point Software Technologies, Ashwin Ram helps business leaders make smarter, more insightful cyber-security decisions.

He does this by ensuring that cyber-security strategies are designed to achieve cyber-resilience. He focuses on both, pre and post infection security controls across corporate networks, cloud, endpoints, mobile and IoT.

Ashwin has delivered technical trainings, cyber-security boot camps, assisted with designing and remediating cyber-security solutions across many organisations within APAC. He is passionate about cyber-security and regularly shares his knowledge on the current threat landscape at various cyber-security conferences across the globe.

Don't be a SOAR loser: Key strategies to reduce the cost of a data breach

In this session, Ashwin Ram will share practical insights on how to reduce the cost of a data breach based on intelligence and lessons learnt from Check Point and Siemplify’s partnership. He will cover the big-ticket items that must receive the highest priority in any cyber resilience strategy.

His recommendations are based on thousands of incident response cases worked by the Check Point Incident Response Team in recent years. This session will include both pre and post infection strategies critical to reducing the cost of a data breach and mitigate current and emerging cyber threats.

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