Andrew Kay
Andrew Kay has over 15 years’ experience in security and quality assurance working with organisations across Asia Pacific to strengthen their resilience to cyber threats.

Having worked with major industry players like Micro Focus and HPE, Andrew now represents Illumio South Pacific as he marries his knowledge of technology and industry to design and implement solutions that prevent attackers' lateral movement, protect high-value assets and achieve compliance goals.

Preventing ransomware spreading with simplified segmentation

For 30 years, ransomware has relied on its ability to spread faster than detect & respond based tools act, with a lot of success. In today’s DevOps, cloud, and automated world, the task of preventing this spread with legacy tools has become more complex than ever as speed has become the priority of most organisations.

To secure modern IT and prevent lateral movement of attacks, organsations must shift from traditional detect/respond to containment measures to eliminate risk and shrink attack surfaces. Join this session to understand how to combat this ever-increasing risk in four steps:

• How any organisation can visualize connectivity in real-time on any fabric.
• Why separating segmentation from the network is key to simplifying segmentation.
• How modern tools can validate security posture and policy with a click of a button.
• Bring speed and scale through automation using real-world examples from NSW Education, Cathay Pacific, QBE and more.

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