Nick Pratley
Nick Pratley is a security professional with the BDO Risk Advisory practice, specialising in cyber defence and security operations. Nick works with clients across Australia in the private and public sector, helping them understand and manage cyber risk, and deliver solutions to achieve better security outcomes.

BDO is a global firm of over 2,500 cyber security and technology professionals in 35 countries. We advise clients on cyber security strategy, risk management, and operations, as well as providing managed detection and response services.

Supercharge your SOC processes with SOAR

A lot has changed in the security operations world in the last 5 to 10 years. More and more security tools are available, infrastructures have grown more complex and interconnected, and security teams are moving away from static rule-based alerts to more context-driven analyses using behavioural analysis.

Despite these evolutions many SOCs still suffer from age old problems, i.e. alert fatigue and noise. While automation may alleviate some of the repetitive actions needed to triage and respond to individual alerts, to really get the benefit from SOAR requires re-engineering your SOC processes and procedures to make sure these are suited to workflow automation.

In this talk I'll discuss considerations for a successful SOAR implementation, whether you are in the planning phase, or have already embarked on this journey.

This talk will provide practical advice on:
  • SOC process structure and organisation
  • Tailoring workflow development to suit your end goals
  • Effective collaboration and teamwork
Metrics, measurements, and demonstrating the business value of your SOAR investment.

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