Eric Pinkerton
Eric is a familiar face in the industry, and is honoured to have been selected to present at AusCERT several times, he is a veteran consultant with over two decades of experience in the cyber trenches in both operational and consulting roles.

Recently Eric has carved out a niche in crisis and incident management, being involved with several real world crisis events, and having designed and  staged numerous crisis simulation exercises for clients to help them prepare for and gage their response to such an event in a safe environment.

Surviving  A Crisis - A View from The Trenches

Is 'turning off the internet' really the best option when faced with a small denial of service attack?

This is surprisingly an approach that is more common than you might think.

The talk will comprise a humorous walkthrough of some select observations and lessons learned during both real and simulated cyber crises that Eric has been involved with over the years*.

It will cover some of the common mistakes, oversights, pitfalls for young players, or downright hilarious war stories  that we can learn from, This will include some of my favorite hits including, It's as easy as APT, He had to be in it to win it, Clear the room, Standing room only, Switch it on and off again, and of course, You can't DOS me if I DOS myself first.

The aim will be to entertain the audience, whilst equipping  them with pragmatic skills and concepts that they can use both in real world incidents, , after all comedy is tragedy plus time.

* I reserve the right to not mention those crisis that I may have caused or compounded myself.

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