Mark Smith
Mark has over 25 years of experience in IT, including over 4 years at Okta.

An ex-developer now Identity and Access Management professional, today Mark is writing code to leverage Okta's API's, creating customised user experiences in both web and native applications.

As well as development roles, he has previously held various positions as a Solution Architect in leading Australian and New Zealand organisations where he designed, implemented and supported multiple highly successful IAM based solutions for Enterprise clients throughout the APAC region.

Simplify and automate Identity- centric processes at scale

Okta customer Identity workflows enables enterprises to make identity actions completely programmable without having to write code.

It assists every person in your organisation to streamline digital transformation with automation and ultimately better orchestrate the customer journey, safeguard data privacy compliance, administrative operations, and more.

Workflow builders can use a series of intuitive if-this-then-that conditional logic statements to call APIs and build enhanced omni-channel experiences for end-users. Using Okta's Out the Box Self-Service Registration widget, Mark will demonstrate how a user registers for a new account, and during the account creation process, Okta Workflows will provide a series of customised provisioning steps using pre-built connectors.

Mark will walk through the defined flows, showing how easy it is to automate business processes and answer your questions live on the day.

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