Samuel Abdelsayed
Samuel is a collaborative manager, technology and application security enthusiast with over 15 years of delivery experience in enterprise software.

Passionate about professional services, account management and customer success practices with a focus on establishing effective communication and efficient processes to underpin the successful running of these disciplines. An emphasis on creating partnering environments that empower individuals to meet their goals.

Samuel is a recipient of the Army's Peter Stuckey Mitchell Trust Award for leadership excellence.

AST 2.0 & Exotic Animals

Security breaches come from all directions, you never know where or when it is going to hit you. How can you prevent such attacks from happening? The answer could be simple: Know where your weaknesses are and fortify or remove them.

The question now is, what are your weaknesses? It could be part of your code; it could be part of the API you are linking up to; it could be a loophole in your infrastructure, or it could be an open port in your operating system. They say knowing your enemy is half the battle won.

In this case, your enemies are the vulnerabilities listed above.

Join our session and find out how Checkmarx can help you to find the correct weakness by:

- Collecting data from all the various engines
- Accurately correlate the data with the correlation layer
- Pin-point the weakness
- Recommend the best course of action

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