Tracey Weeks
[eHealth Queensland – Queensland Health]
Tracey Weeks is the Manager of Cyber Security (Training and Awareness) Cyber Security Group at eHealth Queensland - Queensland Health.

With a career spanning 27 years in Queensland Health and 10 years’ experience in the field of cyber security in the healthcare sector, Tracey leads her team within Cyber Security Group driving cultural change across the state in cyber security awareness with the focus on the workforce being the key to ensuring the protection of Queensland Health information and service delivery.

A proven performer with a flair for innovation and creativity, Tracey takes a unique and bespoke approach to meeting challenges head on by focussing on delivering meaningful outcomes cognisant of the strategic imperatives of the business.

The Human Firewall: A journey into the unknown…

Join us on this fireside chat as we delve into the mystery, challenges, trials and tribulations as eHealth Queensland strives to put the “People” into the paradigm: people, process, and technology (PPT) the methodology in which the balance of people, process, and technology drives action – in this case Cyber Security. Tracey Weeks, Manager Cyber Security (Training and Awareness), Cyber Security Group, eHealth Queensland kindly shares with us her stories from the coalface as she leads the introduction of the human element into Queensland Health’s Digital Transformation journey.

Areas to be explored include:

• Where they started
• Where they’re going
• Pitfalls and challenges
• How to overcome the roadblocks
• The battle of “metrics”
• Differences made
• Mistakes and stumbling blocks
• Benefits yielded
• Reduction of risk
• Implementing a Cyber Ambassador’s Program
• Setting strategic and Corporate Alignment
• Operationalising the strategy
• Having fun along the way

Experience is arguably our greatest teacher and as Confucius nearly once said, “A person should learn from their mistakes, but a wise person learns from the mistakes and lessons from others”.

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