Dr Mark Carey-Smith
Mark has been an information security professional for approximately 20 years.

He has worked in operational and architectural infosec roles as well as lecturing. His current focus is governance, risk and compliance with a particular passion for cyber security education, awareness and cultural improvement.

Mark holds an MIT and a PhD from the Queensland University of Technology. Mark's philosophy is that information security should be an enabler of business and that people are our most important asset. The best work places are diverse and inclusive where staff are educated, nurtured and supported to be part of the solution, not perceived as part of the problem.

Mark is an executive member of the Brisbane branch of the Australian Information Security Association and is currently the Principal Analyst at AusCERT.

Tutorial: Leading Cyber Security Assurance

Information security continues to become more complex and specialised. The days of the lone defender able to heroically defend their organisation from all malicious actors are long gone.

Multidisciplinary teams that bring together diverse and complementary talents to defend their organisations in an increasingly difficult threat environment are the best cyber defence.

Effective cyber security leaders need to be the ‘synthesising professional’ able to knit teams together.

This one-day workshop will allow participants to immerse themselves in tactics and strategies that they can use within their organisations whether they are new to the CISO/CSO role or wanting to take themselves to the next level.

Content Outline:

- Tactical vs Strategic Goals
- Building a coalition of support
- People skills
- The three most important team competencies
- Multi-disciplinary teams
- Defining and implementing meaningful metrics
- Biases - our own and others’
- Putting it all together - no alarms and no surprises (getting to boring and repetitive)

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