Lukasz Gogolkiewicz
Lukasz is a high proficient security professional, previously responsible for the technical direction and leadership for one of the worlds largest technical security consultancies.

Now, he heads up Corporate Security at SEEK. In this role he is responsible for ensuring the protection of sensitive information across a multitude of business systems, corporate systems and IT infrastructure.

He has worked with some of the world largest banks and financial organisations, has worked with federal, state and local governments, presented at and organised a number security conferences, and helps mentor the next generation of security professionals.

Tutorial: Windows Privilege Escalation Training

This self paced course guides participants through escalating privileges within a standalone Windows environment. All the labs are available offline with varying difficulty levels allowing both beginners and seasoned hackers to learn something new.

The challenges are comprised of previously identified configuration issues from security assessments as well as the latest Windows bugs, which will help hackers and IT operators identify and fix these issues within their environments.

Aspiring security professionals will get a hands on how-to approach for Windows systems and enumerate then exploit configuration issues commonly identified on red teams and internal assessments.

Pentesters, or those that commonly do CTF’s around Windows are able to change the difficulty setting in the lab. This will add some additional hurdles commonly found in higher security environments. The aim for them is to exploit vulnerabilities, but also bypass these security controls, which is perfect for those wanting to tune their skills for red team engagements.

Broadly, this course aims to provide an introduction into the fundamentals of Windows privilege escalation, which is also transferable to the other operating systems. The common tools and techniques are provided to participants, with how to enumerate and understand some of the next steps based on their output.

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