Bruce Biesecker
Bruce is responsible for overseeing Verizon's Global Security Operations.

In this capacity, he leads global Security teams in twelve countries to oversee Verizon’s 24x7 Security Operations Centers (SOC), Security Engineering, Service Delivery, Client Care, and Identity Management.

Bruce is an accomplished security executive with a distinguished track record of leading teams with operational excellence in Security, Intelligence and Cloud Computing. He has deep operational and strategy experience with a concentration in Operations, Service Delivery, Client Care, and Business Development and offers a unique balance of business and technical acumen.

Bruce joined Verizon in 1996 and has held positions in Operations, Client Care, Service Delivery, Product Management, Business Development, Partnerships, and Strategy in the Managed Security, Managed Hosting, Cloud, Data Center, Intelligence and Risk Management industries.

In 1996, prior to the Digex/MCI acquisition, Bruce served as Director of Client Services and led teams that were ultimately accountable and responsible for the relationship and overall satisfaction of the largest clients that accounted for over 80% of the business' revenue.

In 2002, Bruce was asked to take over as Director of Service Delivery and led six departments whose objective was to deliver clients' custom, complex solutions. At the end of 2004, Bruce took a roll as Vice President for an Intelligence & Risk Management company. There Bruce led the Client Care, Service Delivery, and Product Management teams to design, implement, and support intelligence and risk management services for 450+ multinational clients.

In early 2009 Bruce returned to Verizon on the Strategy team and was responsible for identifying, defining, executing and supporting global strategies for new services and programs across Verizon's Security, Cloud and Professional Services solutions. Over the past twelve years, Bruce has taken on additional roles and steadily increased responsibility.

How NOT to run a SOC

Three years worth of digital transformation initiatives have been deployed in the last twelve months, which means that security teams - already working at full capacity - are now bursting at the seams. Security teams have to contend with a multitude of mundane and repetitive tasks. Investigating phishing emails with weaponized attachments, malware being loaded via third parties, scouring the darkweb, DDoS attacks, and remediating and responding to attacks are all on that list. 

Combine all of these with the lack of experienced security analysts, and hyper-competition for experienced ones, in the market and you understand why Security Operations Centers (SOCs) seem to be fighting burnout as well as adversaries.

Enter automation.

To put it simply, if everyday, repetitive tasks can be handled automatically, security analysts can focus on more important investigations and incidents in addition to saving time and resources. Case in point is automation via the use of playbooks - automation can shorten tasks from ten minutes to six seconds!

Bruce Biesecker is responsible for Verizon's Global Security Operations. He will discuss how resource-scarce security teams are increasingly turning to automation to stay updated, better mitigate and investigate breaches, integrate disparate security systems and ultimately reduce fatigue and burnout.

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