Amy Holden

Amy Holden is a regular webinar MC and moderator with 7 years of experience in technology and four in cybersecurity and resilience.

Her work brings to life her learnings from time spent with executives and leaders in cyber security across a variety of industries.


Lessons learned from a year of security podcast interviews

Over the year we have interviewed CISOs, authors, academics, psychologists, CEOs, change managers and security practitioners to gaining their insights into key themes and lessons for cyber resilience in 2020.    This talk distils a year of conversations into tangible takeaways across the importance of people, technology, industry trends and collaboration.  We were lucky to be joined by some of Australia and the world’s most respected cyber resilience leaders; this talk is a shortcut to their wisdom.

We will dig into lessons learned from dozens of interviews with cyber leaders across:


  • End user awareness (what we are starting to get right, the current best-practise approaches, COVID as the amplifier)
  • Stakeholder management (creating advocates, getting buy in at all levels, security as a business function)
  • Taking care of ourselves and our people (how important the mental and physical health of us and our people has become, noticing the signs of burnout, what are the impacts to an cyber security and the wider business)


  • Trends in the platforms (how platforms and technology are improving, technology trajectories)
  • Consolidation and automation (the move to security outcomes through automation, security fabrics and platform integrations, SOAR)
  • The elevation of cyber (how local leaders are bringing a business brain to cyber approaches, themes for better security program outcomes)

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