Mike Seddon
[Quantum Security Services]

Mike is co-founder of New Zealand Internet Task Force (NZITF) and the information Security Awards NZ (iSANZ) and has been an influential part of the NZ information security industry for the past 20 years.

Mike is recognised by the industry as a driving force to inform and lead information security collaboration.


Take me to Cuba

Airline hijacking was so common in the 1960s that "Take me to Cuba!" was a well-known joke. It took the aviation industry over half a century and many catastrophic events to make the improvements needed to keep their passengers safe.

Sometimes unpopular with customers and costly for airlines, security controls are now universally accepted as essential to ensure customer safety. Information security appears to be following a similar path, and there’s no better time to apply the learnings of other industries to ensure a more protected online world.

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