Jon Spokes

Jon is a Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac and ruled by the Sun, which is why he’s moved to the sunshine state.

Jon is Trustwave’s State Director of Strategic Consulting, Queensland, where he leads a security team who collectively provide a broad range of specialist security and data protection advisory services, encompassing security strategy, organisational governance, risk management, compliance, and technical assurance services, including security architecture / cloud configuration assessments, penetration testing, application security and incident response. Jon’s international background and twenty years of ICT industry / security experience coupled with leading industry qualifications provide C-suite level assurance to organisations seeking to mitigate their cyber risk.

Previously, Jon was a Director at Trustwave, Melbourne, where he worked on engagements within local government and commercial organisations, such as security and privacy assessments for leading ASX listed organisations, the development of multi-million dollar security programs for various universities, bringing clarity to the Victorian health sector assurance program, assisting critical infrastructure providers in their security uplift programs, supplying red teams for APRA regulated entities and commercial organisations with Operational Technology, providing national incident response coordination for one of Australia’s most significant data breaches, conducting PCI-DSS assessments, overseeing multinational privacy compliance reviews and facilitating numerous international incident response desktop exercises.

Jon’s unique blend of skills, experience, and certifications allow him to work closely with a wide variety of organisations and bring to bear the right blend of consulting and advisory skills to ensure security objectives are met, whilst collaborating with the broader Trustwave team where clients require managed security services and technologies. Jon holds a Master’s degree in Cyber Security from the University Carlos III in Madrid and a wide variety of certifications across security management, governance, audit, assurance, penetration testing, privacy management and regulation.


The zodiac signs of cyber defence

This is not exactly a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are not necessarily products of the author’s imagination. People’s characters, elements and signs, may bear more than a passing resemblance to actual persons, living or dead who he’s come across in his role as a cyber security assessor.

Consider how an individuals’ traits, attributes and characteristics impact cyber security assessments and how an assessor should be attuned to the cognitive dissonance in order to navigate the signs, uncover the eclipse and get to the truth. After all, when asking questions to validate organisational cyber risk management, nobody likes being put on the spot and we all want to be seen in the best zodiacal light.

Just how does your own personal bias influence the orbit of your cyber risk management program?

How might an assessor see past such predilections and transcend astrological influences to develop the most appropriate recommendations?

Naturally, every organisation has ascendent draft policies that haven’t been approved, or fancy new controls on the cusp of being installed. Learn the signs an assessor may look for and chart the future fortunes of adversarial success against your house.

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