Grant Lockwood
[Virtus Health]
Grant Lockwood is the Chief Information Security Officer of Virtus Health.

Prior to this, he spent 8 years in public healthcare. His 20-ish year IT career has taken him from education to high performance sports to managed services before landing in healthcare cybersecurity, where he now finds himself advising a range of hospitals and businesses on improving their security posture. His hobbies include skydiving, astrophysics, and lying in conference biographies.

How To Hack A Hospital

Modern hospitals are packed to the rafters with technology designed to deliver better patient outcomes. From location tracking services to data analytics, your local hospital is more tech'd out than ever.

But as technical capability increases, so does the attack surface. Medical appointments have been cancelled due to cyberattacks. Stolen patient records now fetch more that stolen credit cards on the black market.

In an era of Bluetooth-enabled pacemakers and wireless infusion pumps, how do we minimise the risk of hackers hitting our healthcare?

Take a look at how hospitals secure their infrastructure (and your medical data) on a budget that most fintechs would find down the back of their couch, and leave with a list of field-tested techniques that you can apply to your own fast-paced environments.

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